Ultimate Combat: Platforms

We are the only community to offer complete customization when it comes to our gang platforms.
We created this catalog so you can get a solid idea of the value you’ll be getting depending on the options you choose!

We have ordered these in the order that you will see them on our store.
You can find this package here: Platform

Design Options

We offer two designs currently which are shown below.



Ramp Quantity

How many ramps would you like on the platform?

Door Locks

Do you want the doors locked to your gang?

Custom Flags

Want your logo on the flags?

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Floor

Custom color, and sometimes texturing, for the floor under the ramps.

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Doors

Want some custom designs for doors?

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Branding Removal

Want to remove the branding for iSe.GG on your platform everywhere?

Group Combat 3v3-5v5 Platforms

Want to organize some gang vs gang battles without being interrupted? No worries!

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Spectator Access

Do you want spectator access?

Invisible Ramp

This is a newer design that has been pretty popular for montages. Once you teleport to this platform, you’re in a sealed box so you can’t fall off. Your montages will only see the platform, and maybe the glass landing depending on your position!

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Glass

Want to change up the color of the glass?

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Ramp Design

While the ramps do have some limitations, we can get pretty creative with how the ramps look.

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Billboard

We can make custom billboards for your platform and we’ve got quite a few options.

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

Custom Spawn Design

Whether its a circle or a square design, we can customize the design of the spawn. This includes using different props.

Shooters On Deck Gang Platform

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