Combat Evolved


We were the very first real combat server two years ago, and a year ago we were the very first server to completely de-render the entire map. We are always looking for ways to innovate and evolve the FiveM framework in everything we do.

Dedication, attention to detail and high quality sets us apart from the rest of the servers out there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got some feedback on how we can improve our servers!

Server Status

Server status script is coming real soon. For now, check Discord for a live status of the server.

Sky Platform Spawn
Some of the PDM vehicles for purchase!

Game Staff

As we have multiple servers across multiple time zones its important that we maintain adequate coverage both in-game and on Discord.

If you’re interested in helping our community by enforcing our server guidelines, please drop by our jobs link on the navigation and look for the position in your time zone.


As we are a company, we have a responsibility to ensure all server rules are being followed by everyone. We have many advanced tools that help us with this task.

Please be aware all in-game voice communication is monitored by an AI assisted machine learning interface. This is able to analyze your audio and cross reference it with words against our server rules. Once a staff member reviews the audio, they will action the account if found to be words that violate our server guidelines.


We do not have a ban appeal process. All bans are final as they are evaluated by multiple staff prior to the ban, and ultimately approved by management.

Discussion of bans or any attempts to ban evade will be met with action against your account up to and including a permanent ban from everything.

We do offer ban forgiveness options by donating to our community. Ensure you select the right package before checking out as these are fully non-refundable.

Image Gallery

Below are some screenshots of a few things you can do in the server

Donatorshop Vehicles
Sky Combat Platform (Public)
Gang Turf Wars
Trainyard RedZone (Remodeled)
Locked Sky Combat Platform (Content Creators)
Shooters On Deck Gang Platform!
Brand New 3v3-6v6 Tournament Arena

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