The Time Has Come

I figured it was time to start finally announcing a few things currently being done.

Ultimate Combat EvolvedExpected Release: 04/01/2022
Early Access Testing is now closed.

Social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have been initiated. You will even start to see paid advertisements on these platforms for our new initiatives we’re currently working on.

Expansion into other titles and platforms is well underway. The following titles are currently being worked on actively.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Ascension WoW (Classless WoW)
  • Rust (US East Server — Lightly Modded)

Store items will be growing later this evening finally. Many of the maps going up will be partially encrypted utilizing the CFX Escrow system to protect the models. We will also be releasing ramp designs, more package options for gangs, and various other goodies. Get those gift cards ready that you’ve been holding onto for those that won them!

We are slowly contemplating bringing support to Guilded.GG and if the platform proves to be decent we may even start lowering our usage on Discord. Due to the amount of scamming we’ve witnessed on Discord, and Discords blatant disregard to verify our server, we feel it may be time to look into alternatives. Nothing has been decided on this yet, but you are encouraged to sign up to Guilded.GG and let us know in the comments below what you’d prefer.

Guilded.GG Invite:

Immediate Staff Opportunities!
Tournaments: We are on the lookout for at least one person that has experience running 1v1-5v5 tournaments. These will be cash tournaments and at least one a week will be cash pool tournaments.

YouTube Content — Expect several videos to drop later today as I’ve just about finished editing them finally.

Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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