The Fate of FiveM Combat

Our team and I are currently discussing the fate of the FiveM Combat side of the community.

Over two years ago when we began this project, we had a pretty clear goal we were aiming for, and that was to bring something quality and new to the FiveM community. We did that, and remained very popular for well over a year which I’m grateful for as there was lots of great accomplishments, milestones, and memories during that time.

Looking back on things, there’s things we did great, and there’s things we could have done better.

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that there is one.

We never fully recovered from the leaking incident that occurred back in August, and enough time went by where we’ve become irrelevant in the FiveM Combat side of things. This is something that has troubled me for months, as I don’t like giving up on projects that I start, and I feel like my work isn’t yet finished with FiveM Combat. Despite our best efforts, it seems the players are no longer interested in what we have to offer the combat community.

Should we decide to shut down the FiveM Combat side, this will likely be a permanent decision. We’ve spent so much time, money, and effort working on this that its no longer sustainable especially with a server that is empty the majority of the time. This will not affect any of our current clients or customers that we develop for on FiveM, and only affects the servers we provide to the community free of charge.

Want to prevent this from happening? Here’s what we will be basing our decision on.

  • Discord Activity — Help us by providing feedback, suggestions, and so on!
  • Server Activity — Invite your friends to play on the server.
  • Lack of Staff — Apply for staff and help out!

We expect to have a decision finalized by the end of the weekend.

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