Massive Website Refresh (Complete)

At long last, we have completed this massive undertaking. This has been something we’ve been working on for a few weeks now, but it looks awesome!


  • Performance has been greatly enhanced across the entire website.
  • Home page is now way more user friendly, based on feedback from the community.
  • All social media links work the way they should, and based on feedback has been restyled and repositioned.
  • Our about page has been changed to reflect our current mission and information.
    • You can find our Guilded, Tebex, Steam, and all other socials here too!
  • News layout has been entirely reworked and now looks significantly better especially with longer articles.
  • We have removed achievements, points, ranks, and a bunch of unnecessary clutter based on feedback.
  • Groups are now 100% working and shouldn’t give you any error messages.
  • Spoiler Alert: We have completely reworked the Combat Evolved page. This has fresh screenshots from the server that nobody has seen outside of the early access group. We will install the server status embed once we get the server online full time. Combat Evolved
  • We now have a complete catalog for gang platforms and what you can order which also includes how to order. This does NOT yet include the extras that will be exclusive to the Combat Evolved server though! Platform Catalog
  • Details regarding the completely overhauled VIP program is now live on our website. There are some additional benefits left to add, but most of it is up to date now. Read more: VIP Memberships
  • We have finally gone through and added all of our partners and partner offers onto the website. I apologize for this taking so long, but we had to get a lot of things out of the way before we could complete this. It looks fire, and is significantly easier to read compared to the Discord Partners channel. Partners / Offers
  • We now have a brand new knowledge base portal that we will be populating with questions and answers to assist you. Support for those that have access will remain on Discord, but this knowledge base should go a long way in assisting users that don’t have access to tickets. Knowledge Base
  • Profiles have gone through a complete transformation. You can now upload cover images for your profile with ease, and sizing of the avatars work significantly better.
  • Friends and friend requests no longer get lost in the void like before. Still may need additional testing, but the two dozen or so tests we conducted all were a success.
  • Profile fields will be added very soon for various things such as your Discord name, profile usernames, socials, and much more. Want to recommend something? Let us know in the comments below!

We need your help!

As the knowledge base is literally brand new, we need your help populating it with questions that would be helpful. Please drop any recommendations in the comments below so we can add them.

Thanks for the great feedback so far as without it, we wouldn’t have been able to literally transform the website like we did. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have more suggestions or feedback regarding features or changes!

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