Major Changes Ahead!

Happy Wednesday!

This evening the Ultimate Combat servers will receive a pretty large update.

Tons of custom clothing has been added, and is actively being tested. Tons of great clothing for both male and female. Previously we did a pretty poor job at having clothing options for female, and I’m happy to report this is no longer the case!

Leaderboard, hitreg and weapon damage improvements will be in the update tonight. Thank you to those who have helped us test this on our dev server so we could iron out this problem.

Optimizations are huge in this update on just about all areas of the server. We have began converting several things over to 3DS, which has enabled us to cut down the sizes and impact of the streamables. The clothing has gone through extensive optimizations before being uploaded, and each piece has been tested.

One thing about the clothing. The clothing we’re adding will be on all servers we run, and thus once you save a character on one server, it will be universal on all. The only exception is donator and gang slots, as that will vary from server to server. We’ll be outlining which slots are off limits and which slots aren’t in a few different ways.

As we’re getting ready to release information about our roleplay server that we’ve been developing for almost six months, we are going to need some testers to help test things. VIP members will be granted a special access role when its ready automatically for testing. At this time testing opportunities are only for VIP members, which include Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Keep an eye out for updates later on, and we’ll provide a complete changelog in the dev updates channel.

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