FiveM Combat: The End

It has been decided by the team that we will be shutting down the FiveM Combat section immediately.

We’ve had a great two years but its time for us to move on. We wish the other server owners the best of luck with their servers.

The Discord server will be converted over to a customer support Discord for maps, resources, and other things we sell on our Tebex store. It will also become the Discord I use for streaming announcements, notifications and giveaways.

Many things will be listed this weekend as we begin liquidating assets from the combat servers over the past two years. New content that hasn’t yet been released will also make its way onto the store, including never before seen maps, models, and a few resources.

Website will be converted over to information about our development services, current clients, and details about upcoming projects.

We appreciate everyone that has been part of this wild journey over the past two years on the FiveM Combat side, and we wish you the best!

By the way, we have zero plans to release a Roleplay style server on FiveM. It has become way too much of a ‘who buys more boosts’ battle than a quality server battle. There may be a possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RedM) in the future and we most definitely are exploring other titles (and platforms) currently.

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