Community Update (Massive)

Over the past week, I’ve received so many DMs about the direction of our community. Now that we’re progressing rather nicely, I figured it was time to tell you everything that has and is planned to change throughout this massive overhaul. I will sort this the best I can, but there’s frankly a ton of changes.


Discord has seen a rather massive overhaul that really needed to be done.

User Purge

This was something that probably created the biggest uproar with the community. So many rumors were swirling claiming we got nuked when in fact, we didn’t. We’ve always been one to prune inactives, but we never did a complete purge from those that never bothered to read our server rules.

Based on Discord insights, this resulted in the server going from 13,298 users to 5,399 users. As a result, our insights have completely transformed from what they were to what they are now.

Channel Purge

Its no doubt that our server has been running a bit slow recently. We reached out to Discord for assistance, and didn’t really get too far with this. We decided it was time to do a deep cleaning of pretty much every channel in the Discord server. We will continue to do this on regular intervals for some channels to ensure our server doesn’t get cluttered. We aren’t sure at what interval exactly, but we’re leaning toward every six months.

Bots & Organization

We have began really pushing forward with cleaning up channels that aren’t really used, and consolidating channels that didn’t need to be separate. We’ve even done this with server bots, so you will see a few bots we’ve had for months taking on roles of bots that aren’t on the server anymore. Less bots means easier to configure the server the way it needs to be.

Channels & Structure

We aren’t yet complete with the channels and overall structure of the Discord, but this will be completed before Ultimate Combat returns on March 1st.


Looking back at the past two years, we’ve looked at some key variables regarding what we’ve offered with FiveM, and what we plan to offer in the future.

Ultimate Combat

As we’ve mentioned, we are somewhat returning to our roots in regards to Combat. Some gangs that we haven’t seen in over a year have reached out excited about this. I’m still not ready to reveal full details on the server, but you all have been patient, so I’ll release a decent amount of information.

Before I get down to the list, I want to reconfirm that the date will not be changing. Ultimate Combat will be returning on March 1st. Here are some of the things to look forward to.

  • GTA Map is returning
  • Sky Platforms (Various altitudes and styles)
  • Water Platforms
  • Opium RedZone
  • Unique combat arenas around the map (many not seen anywhere else)
  • Shooting and Aim Training
  • Improved UI
  • New & Updated Menu
  • In-Game Gang Management
  • Advanced (and improved) Green Zone / Revive Functionality
  • Limited Emotes
  • Discord Whitelist (once you read the rules)
  • Vehicle Garages : Public, Gang, Content Creator and VIP
  • Leaderboard (now more accurate and improved performance)
  • Personal Stats
  • Wager Network (Subscription Based)
  • Hitreg (Significant Improvements)

At this time, that’s all I’m willing to reveal in terms of functionality right now. I’ll release more details, and hope to be able to provide early access this Friday. There are thirteen additional features not listed here that we’re toying with, and more than half of them are for gangs. Prepare to be blown away.

Other Projects

We have two other projects we’re currently working on for FiveM. Both teams working on these projects are behind strict Non-Disclosure Agreements, and some of them aren’t even on the Discord, so you can’t pester them. I will say though, Roleplay is right around the corner.


We are aiming to have everything wrapped up and complete by March 1st. Our team has made sure we’re stockpiled on caffeine, snacks and eye drops to ensure this becomes a reality. We all are working around the clock to make sure things hit the intended target. You don’t have long to offer up your suggestions in the Discord channel, so get to it asap!

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