Combat Evolved

Figured its time to start detailing things relating to Combat Evolved.

Before, I want to give a quick shoutout to the early access crew. You all have been tremendous in helping, especially with the extensive testing some of you have done individually by yourselves. There will be plenty more testing needing to be done on Thursday.


Due to the shockingly low turnout for early access testers, this has resulted in tremendous delays regarding this particular project. This continues to be one of the biggest factors delaying the progression of this project currently, in fact. At this time we are not prepared to provide an actual release date, but I can tell you it will be soon.


Combat Evolved will be a release that is very different than the others we’ve released in the past. This will be a completely finished product when it releases which means no bugs or issues. This is why there’s such an emphasis on early access testing and feedback.


As promised, we are far enough where I can release a relatively detailed feature list of the server. Everything listed below is currently on the server as it stands this minute, and there’s no particular order to this list.

  • PDM vehicle purchases.
  • Benny’s vehicle customization : Many locations around the city, and at gang mansions.
  • Donator shop for super exotic vehicles, specialized weapons, attachments, and vehicle bundle packs.
  • 3v3-8v8 tournament arena with locked door support.
  • Several gang mansions around the city, including garage support, bennys, weapon dealers, optional shooting ranges, and more!
  • Completely redone menu system now with permission support.
  • Custom peds are back just like from the old Ultimate Combat. All peds have been tested to ensure hitboxes are the same.
  • Hitreg unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before.
  • Balanced and safe weapon attachments and skins for all weapons active in the city.
  • Turf wars for gangs that purchase this addon ability. Every turf location (shown on map) is now considered a redzone.
  • Paintball, container, and a few other arenas have returned on both sky and ground.
  • Vehicle testing drag strip available up at the military base with two lanes.
  • Shooting ranges scattered throughout the city, both on the map and off the map.
  • Many locations on the map have door locks, including gang mansions.
  • Custom vehicles are available and now restricted to the gang or purchaser.
  • Custom clothing is installed, and while we haven’t been able to restrict this to permissions, we have the slots labeled currently.
  • Cayo Perico island is in, stable, and will be used for all out free for all battle.
    • You will either grab a boat or jetski from the aircraft carrier and head over or you can parachute down onto the island. Your choice!
  • Our very first water redzone concept is in and configured.
  • Lunapark on the pier now has a rollercoaster, ferris wheel and freefall attractions to chill with friends. (Green Zone)
  • Leaderboard has been completely overhauled on the backend and is now 100% accurate in all situations.
  • Character creator is better than ever and has literally everything you can think of to completely fine tune your character.
  • Drive-in theatre at the pier is available, and we will use this to showcase tournaments, vip live streams and other content. (Green Zone)
  • Phone has been readded and completely optimized with only the functions necessary for the server.
  • Kill feed has been further optimized and now has no delay to registering kills.
  • Yachts are in and around the city available for giveaway and purchase. (Turf option available)
  • Gangs now fully control their gang members in the city using a boss menu system.
  • Performance friendly pet system is in and currently available to VIP members and content creators.
  • Wager infrastructure is in and has been built. Subscription is available here:

I’m sure I missed some things, but this is the bulk of the features list.

As you can see from the list above, things have progressed significantly since the last posting regarding where we currently are with this project. There’s a few more features to get situated but the bulk of the features are in, configured, and functioning as expected.

Its not too late to get in on the early access testing group and now is the perfect time! The package is now 50% off for one day only as we all enjoy St Patrick’s Day 2022! No coupon needed, simply head to the following link, add it to your cart and checkout!

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