We Are Closed

When we first began, the gaming industry was very different than it is today. We've spent the past several company meeting sessions discussing directions and paths for the company, and we ultimately decided we would officially shut down the company as we really didn't have a purpose anymore given the way the industry is today.

We want to send out a huge shoutout to everyone that has been with us for the past several years through all of the ups and downs. While we didn't want to send out individual shout outs, there are a few shout outs that we wanted to list.

Those mentioned below were instrumental in our success and spent an incredible amount of time into the project during their time with the project to make it the best it could be.

Chris Lenga aka ReapeR, Josh Bryan aka iSpotYouDrop, Stubbers, Grandad, Wazzer, Dashy and Antioch.

If you'd like to keep up with Chris, he has recently began re-creating and re-activating his social media accounts. You can find them all by going to his personal domain. https://www.chrislenga.com

Thank you all,
iSe.GG Management