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The Time Has Come

I figured it was time to start finally announcing a few things currently being done. Ultimate Combat Evolved — Expected Release: 04/01/2022Early Access Testing is now closed. Social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have been initiated. You will even start to see paid advertisements on these platforms for our new initiatives we’re […]

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St Patrick’s Day 2022 Sale

For today only, you can enjoy varying discounts on many packages over on our store. Some discounts are visible without adding to your cart, and some are only visible when you’ve added the items in your cart. Combat Evolved Early Access 50% off today only! Clothing, Gangs, Gang Platforms & Upgrades 5-15% off today […]

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Massive Website Refresh (Complete)

At long last, we have completed this massive undertaking. This has been something we’ve been working on for a few weeks now, but it looks awesome! Changelog Performance has been greatly enhanced across the entire website. Home page is now way more user friendly, based on feedback from the community. All social media links work […]

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3/15 Scheduled Maintenance (Complete)

What a day! Just finished up with the scheduled maintenance a bit ago. Significant performance improvements across literally everything. Now that we’ve completed the necessary API upgrade, we can continue working on some of the finishing touches for Combat Evolved. Please ensure you report any bugs or issues you encounter along your travels, especially around […]

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3/15 Scheduled Maintenance

Recently we’ve been working with our partners regarding several major enhancements. We will be rolling out major scheduled maintenance throughout the entire day which will affect the following services. Website (including forums) Many Discord bots All FiveM + Discord APIs (including clients and customers) Integrated and external functions SQL services We will be very careful […]

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Community Update (Massive)

Over the past week, I’ve received so many DMs about the direction of our community. Now that we’re progressing rather nicely, I figured it was time to tell you everything that has and is planned to change throughout this massive overhaul. I will sort this the best I can, but there’s frankly a ton of […]

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