3/15 Scheduled Maintenance

Recently we’ve been working with our partners regarding several major enhancements.

We will be rolling out major scheduled maintenance throughout the entire day which will affect the following services.

  • Website (including forums)
  • Many Discord bots
  • All FiveM + Discord APIs (including clients and customers)
  • Integrated and external functions
  • SQL services

We will be very careful to handle all maintenance during off times for all services when possible. Seeing as a few of our customers stream on Tuesday, we are currently handling that maintenance now. As such, we are carrying out Frankfurt and London maintenance as I write this message. Singapore has already been completed, with the exception of a leftover Discord API change that we’ll be conducting in about twelve hours from now (3am local) during their off time.

During this time, several Discord bots will become unresponsive and unavailable for use. Our entire development team is currently working on this initiative which will bring significant enhancements and quality of life improvements.

Even though this is being conducted as scheduled maintenance, I do not expect any lengthy downtime on any of the services, instead, there may be some temporary disruptions regarding latency.

Support functions for clients will be moving to its own environment, instead of leveraging client locations. We feel this will be easier to address concerns, especially in regards to severe and critical level issues that arise. We will be reaching out to all clients in the next week to determine who should have access to this exclusive environment, and get all things situated.

As always, we thank you for your understanding on this!

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